Fish House


The Old Salmon Fish House

The Old Salmon Fish House was built on the banks of the River Ugie in 1585 and is the only building in Peterhead to survive more than four centuries. It was originally built for the Fifth Earl Marischal for keeping game and fish. It has been used by salmon fishermen for over 100 years, as it stands on the banks of the Ugie, one of North East Scotland’s most prolific salmon and trout rivers.
Ugie Salmon Fishings operates this unique building as a thriving business. Although it is not a museum, the public are welcome to see for themselves the ancient craft of salmon smoking and are given the opportunity to buy the products offered direct from the Fish House.

“We the present owners of the Fish House, have mastered to perfection the arts of catching, preparing and smoking the Scottish salmon. The closely guarded skills and knowledge of our forefathers have been handed down from generation to generation.”

A visit to the Fish House gives a unique opportunity to sample a taste of history. From here, salmon is smoked, packed and distributed. Ugie Salmon Fishings has been expanded to its present position of excellence by, supplying their mail order product range throughout the world.

Now you can sample our unique produce by visiting our secure online shop from where you can purchase smoked salmon
by credit card or by cheque.

Below left: The Old Salmon Fish House as it is now, from the same angle as the old photograph.
Below right: The mouth of the River Ugie, looking out to sea with The Old Salmon Fish House to the top right of the photograph.