Shipping and FAQs

Ugie Salmon FAQ’s

This section includes answers to the most common questions people ask about Ugie Salmon and how to order our products. If you have a question that we haven’t addressed below please contact us for an answer at any of the contact details given below. We have put the questions and answers under the following headings,

How to contact us

The products we offer

How to place an order

Methods of payment

Delivery instructions

How to look after the products

What benefits are there in eating salmon?

How to contact us 

How can I contact you?

Online shop
Email address
Telephone    01779 476209
Fax    01779 471475
Postal address   Ugie Salmon, Golf Road, Peterhead, AB42 1LS

We have a shop at this address which is open to the public Monday to Friday 08.00 – 17.00

Contact Names   Joseph Yule and Mariusz Jaworski

The products we offer

What are the products I can buy?

We offer the highest quality smoked salmon, smoked in Scotland’s Oldest Salmon Fish house.

We sell these in 100g 200g 300g and 400g packs, whole sides, and hand-sliced sides of smoked salmon, we also offer the finest 160g portions and whole sides of Honey Roast smoked salmon.

Is your smoked salmon Wild Scottish Salmon?

All our smoked salmon is sourced from Scottish Sea Farms and are raised to the highest quality in a sustainable environment to produce the very best salmon. At the moment the Scottish Government has banned the catching of wild salmon in Scotland on conservation grounds and therefore we cannot offer Wild Scottish Salmon.

Can I buy White Fish Fillets from Ugie Salmon?

We also offer the very best fillets of Haddock, lemon sole and Smoked Haddock, caught by our own boats, filleted and vac packed in pairs and blast frozen the day they are landed in Peterhead.

How can I buy these products?

You can visit our shop during the hours stated above.

You can access our online shop  and order and pay with all major debit or credit cards but not American express

You can make an order on the telephone at 01779 476209

You can fax us on 01779 471475

You can email us at

Or you can write to us at Ugie Salmon, Golf Road Peterhead AB42 1LS

How to place an order

How do I place an order?

Whichever way you chose to buy our products, when you contact us, we will need the following information

Your name
Telephone number
Email address (if you have one)

If you are sending a gift to someone else, we need the same information for them.

Can I pick the delivery date?

You need to supply us with a chosen delivery date. We will do our best to supply the products on or before the date chosen. Remember chose this date carefully, a day early is far better than a day late.

Also someone needs to be at the address all day to receive the goods which are sent by overnight courier and can arrive anytime the next day.

What days can I expect a delivery

We can arrange deliveries for weekdays only. We cannot delivery Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

How soon can I order before the delivery is made?

You can order anytime before the requested delivery date, normally people pre order 1 – 4 weeks

Before the requested delivery date.

How late can I order to ensure a delivery deadline?

We can take orders to send out the same day, for delivery next day, provided the order is placed before 11am. Orders received after that time will be prepared and sent the following day. 

How do I select the products I want to buy?

Like any shop you look around and see the products you want to buy. You will see the picture and short explanation of all the products we sell. Select the product or products and the amount you want of each.

Are there special offers for bigger orders?

We encourage you to look at the three bands of prices attached to each product, the more you buy the cheaper the products become.

Can I see what I have chosen and change my order if I want

Yes you will be given an opportunity to check your order prior to passing to the secure payment.

You can add or subtract items or start again if you choose.

 Can I send different items to multiple addresses?

For any order, but especially when you are sending to more than one address our advice is for you to set up an account with us and populate the contact details of yourself and the people you might want to send salmon to, now or in the future. In this way you can access your account by logging in and your contact details and those of all your friends will be stored and you will never have to remember or type out their details again. If you want to send something to yourself as well as to other addresses you need to fill in your contact details in the multiple addresses database along with your friends. Once you have set up an account and included your and your friends addresses, log in and your contact details will automatically be filled in to the Billing Address. Imagine if you wanted to send four sliced sides (it could be any of the products in the shop) Choose the total amount of items you want to send to the multiple addresses, proceed to the checkout, you will see your name in the billing Address and the opportunity to pick multiple addresses from your stored addresses at the top right of the page. Go to the multiple addresses and see the four sides, then select one of your stored addresses alongside the product. Remember to pick your own address if you want a product sent to yourself. Save and continue, scroll down the page so you can see the four orders, fill in the delivery date, the delivery instructions and the personal message for each person. Then all you need to do is complete the order, pay by credit card and you will be notified your order has been accepted.

Can I send a message in with the parcel?

You can write a short greetings message eg “Merry Christmas, Love from Mary”  “Happy Birthday” “congratulations on passing your exams”   “bon appetite, enjoy!”

Your message will be printed on the back of a special Certificate of Origin. It is always best to put your name and message in with the goods, we often get people phoning up asking us who sent them such a lovely gift, we shouldn’t expect the receiver to know who has sent them a gift.

How will I know my order has been accepted?

You will receive an email confirmation of order to let you know your order has been accepted and your payment has gone through.

Method of Payment

How can I pay for my product?

In the shop you can pay by cash. Debit card, credit card or cheque (made out to “LUNAR”)

In the online shop you can pay securely by all major debit cards and credit cards but not Amex.

When ordering by telephone we need your credit or debit card details.

When ordering by email or phone we need your credit or debit card details or by Bacs Transfer.

If I decide to pay by credit card or Debit Card

You need to supply us with

Card holder Name
Card holder email address
Card number
Card start date
Card expiry date
Cv2 Number (three digit security number on the back of your card)

 Delivery Instructions and Advice

How much will be added for post and packing?

All packing and posting charges will be added after the selection of the number of items and the delivery address is submitted. Typically for UK delivery addresses, post and packing for most items will cost only £10.50.

Can I send to an address outside the UK?

No, sadly since Brexit we can no longer send to any country outside of the UK.

How will my products arrive?

If you are not able to collect your goods from the Ugie salmon Gift shop in Peterhead we will send you the products by FedEx overnight courier. They normally deliver next day between 8am and  5pm.  If you supply us with an email address you will get alerts telling you when the parcel will arrive.

What happens if I am out when the courier comes to deliver?

Normally we use FedEx to deliver your goods. They need a signature and someone at the address to take in the parcel. If you are out when they come they should leave a note telling you they have been unsuccessful and giving you instructions how to contact them to make the delivery happen. When you are ordering, it is always best to tell us a safe place where to leave it if you are out.

If you don’t receive your goods on the day you expect them contact us right away and we will contact FedEx, give you a tracking number and get the problem resolved as soon as possible.

How can I avoid a delivery failure as described above?

When you order your goods you will be given an opportunity to give us special delivery instructions, if you know you will be out on the date selected. Examples may be “please leave in greenhouse if out”  “Please leave with neighbours at no.6” or “leave on doorstep”

Another good way for people working to receive their products is to get them delivered to their works address.

How do I look after my smoked salmon items?

How Can I look after my smoked salmon once it is delivered?

As a general rule with all fish products best advice is “on arrival, eat it or freeze it”.

The label on your products will give you storage advice for fresh products, typically 10- 14 days in a refrigerator at below 5c. On the label and on the packaging you will be given a use by date, allergen information and Nutritional values.

Can I freeze the products?

The products can be frozen for up to 6 months at -18c. If you are going to freeze the product do so as quickly as possible preferably on the day of arrival.

How Do I defrost a frozen salmon product?

Once taken out of the freezer smoked salmon defrosts quite quickly typically between 2-4 hours at room temperature. Once defrosted do not re-freeze.

What are the benefits regularly eating salmon?

Is smoked salmon a healthy option?

Not only is salmon very delicious, it is a very healthy food with many benefits to regular eaters. As part of your regular healthy eating diet, salmon may reduce the risk of heart disease and may aid in weight control.

Typically what vitamins and protein is found in salmon?

Rich in Omega 3
Great source of Protein
High in B Vitamins
Good source of Potassium
Full of Selenium
Contains the Antioxidant Astaxanthin

How do I know that Ugie Salmon is the very finest Smoked salmon?

Ugie salmon is smoked in the oldest salmon Fish House in Scotland, the secrets of the salmon smoker being handed down from generation to generation.

Has Ugie Salmon any awards or certificates of quality assurance?

Ugie salmon have been awarded the BRC accreditation; the very highest standard recognised by the food industry, this gives complete peace of mind to any of our customers of quality, transparency,

and traceability. We are also Kosher certificated, again an assurance of care and Quality.